Tackling the short-term food-crisis in developing countries – open letter to the EU-Commission

Ukraine-Crisis impacts on food security: tackling the short-term shock must be done with a vision in mind of the larger-scale and longer-term threats of the Climate- and Biodiversity-Crises

Together with Guy Pe’er and Jeroen Candel, we have written an open letter to the EU-Commission offering our help to tackle the three crises.

The scientific community has always had the role to support society and its needs. In such a critical time, every scientist – beyond expressions of personal solidarity – seeks to offer help within the context of one’s professional expertise. We need to address the short-term effects in 2022 on the world market specifically for developing countries and we should focus the debate on a) the measures which have an effect, b) where the state has regulatory power and c) markets do not undermine the effects of measures. This is highly demanding for policy-makers and time is running, we need to address the problems until the next harvest in July.

We stand ready to support you with relevant evidence and advice where required, and call for an urgent meeting to discuss the scenarios ahead and their short-, mid- and long-term implications.

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