Denmark: Big Bio in a small country

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CatCowContent3Recently I was in Denmark for an organic agriculture tour, perfectly organized by the Danske Foedevare og Landbrugsjournalister, takk skal i have!

Axel ManssonMost impressive for somebody used to 20-hectare Swiss organic farms: The sheer size of it all. For example the visit at Axel Manssons. He produces vegetables on 1300 hectares (400 with organic production) and herds what’s soon to be 111’000 hens for organic eggproduction. Mansson started from scratch with 46 hectares in 1976. Now he is covering over 90% of Denmarks need of organic and conventional Iceberg-salad and big shares of other vegetables (see Homepage).

LogoThis is a good example for the organization of the danish sector: The national organic label Statsgarantered oekologisk is identical with the EU-Standards. They allow sectorial organic, meaning that not the whole farm has to work with organic production. It’s not possible though to grow organic and conventional in the same sector. Still, Mansson has found…

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