Implementation of CAP-reform 2013: Update on the single country overview

The CAP-reform contains some flexible elements, where the EU member states can decide, which options to implement into the national legal framework. These flexible elements were to be reported by the EU-member states to the EU-Commission until August 2014. Last year, I published a preliminary overview on my blog, that was requested a lot (see CAP Implementation an Overview of April 2014). In December 2014 I did a second round of eMail-request to different ministries for agriculture, where I had no information and got a few answers again (Thanks to the ministries of Denmark, Lithuania and Cyprus!). The EU-Commission was also busy and recently published an The CAP towards 2020 Implementation of the new system of direct payments MS notifications, which is especially detailed on voluntary coupled payments and contains also the option taken on greening-regulations.

Today, I am completing the list of country decisions based EU-Commission publication, and also on the information provided by the ministries. You can find in the attached list the single country decisions with respect to a.) voluntary coupled support, b.) Reallocation between Pillars and c.) Degressivity / redistribution. In some cases I added links to interesting government documents, however, that is not a complete link list. Many ministries websites are very detailed and provide complete information even in English. Other websites are rather poor and contain rather confusing informations. Here is the Tabelle CAP-Implementation – Version 2b. (PDF-file). If you have questions or comments on this, let me know, I hope the list of country decisions is useful. I am also working on a qualitative assessment of the flexibility elements, which will (hopefully) be published soon.

Another Assessment has been done by Kaley Hart from the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP): Member State choices on Pillar 1 implementation revealed.

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