Implementation of CAP-reform 2013: The single country overview

As already described in my last post, I did a detailed review on the decision of the EU-member on how to use the three flexibility elements of the CAP-reform 2013. I focused on 1.) the re-coupling of direct payments, 2.) the reallocation of funds between the pillars and 3.) the redistribution options. The EU-member-states have to report their final decision until August 1, 2014. There has been a discussion whether the flexibility elements improve or if they deteriorate the CAP-reform 2013. Therefore, it might be useful, to get an overview on how countries use this flexibility.

Here is the table overview on the CAP-reform-implementation in the single member-states.

These information were gathered by internet-search, Agra Europe (diff. Issues), and by the support of different experts and colleagues of mine. Therefore great thanks to: Alex Lotman (Estonia), Oana Tanasache (Romania), Sebastian Hess (Sweden), Ewa Rabinowicz (Sweden) Anne van Doorn (Netherlands), Marian Stuiver (Netherlands), Sergio Araujo Enciso (Spain), Tomás García Azcárate (Spain) and Thelma Brenes Muñoz (expert for Portugal!). Besides this, I received responses on my requests and support from the ministries of Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Finland and Hungary, thanks a lot for supporting this search!

This table is presented according my best knowledge, so no guarantee on the details. Any comments, questions, corrections or further information are welcomed:

A very interesting and detailed timeline for the implementation in United Kingdom from DEFRA can be found here: CAP-reform timeline UK.

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